Who we are

We are an initiative of stakeholders that have interest in the acknowledgment of alternatives in Rodent Control.


The ECHA is responsible for the approval of biocides like rodenticides and normally the ECHA wouldn’t want to approve of any of the active substances in these poisons, but the environmental/health risks opposed by rodents that carry diseases are said to be of higher importance.
This is why until today application of rodenticides is approved legally only because of this exception that is prolonged again and again because lack of alternatives.
As soon as there are alternatives some or all rodenticides would not be approved for anymore.
What is an alternative? The ECHA is specialized only on biocides and is not capable of specifying alternatives.


„If you’re interesting in supporting us or just have questions on this topic feel free to get in touch with our secretariat, formed by our stakeholders and members of Futura Germany, Oliver and Daniel


Rodenticides („rat and mouse poison“) are still the number one choice in private and professional control of pest rodents.
This also accounts for herb control in agriculture or the control of insects with other biocides, but NoCheRo solely focusses on „rodent control“ methods and hence rats and mice and the poison aka „Rodenticides“ they are controlled with in the moment. 
The environmental government agencies around the globe, universities, private companies, farmers and associations have already documented their negative effects on the environment in dozens of studies. 
This is why alternatives need to be accredited as effectively working alternatives, officially.
Alternative – such as e.g. traps – are used worldwide, but only in very small percentage compared to rodenticides.


So, NoCheRo has come together to put together papers and documented information for amongst others ECHA to be able to approve of the alternatives in the next round of re-approval.
This will lead to the official acknowledgement of alternatives and to the partly or full ban of poisonous rodenticides that harm our environment and allow professional service companies, farmers, private people to use accredited alternatives. 
NoCheRo plans on strengthening the lobby of Alternatives, be it manufacturers, distributors, service companies of the world with the goal of more efficient pest management, more cost-optimized pest management and more environmentally friendly pest management.